About Us

We are a Brand Discovery Platform that is helping small brands get discovered through a unique concept of Online Pop-Up Shop. Connecting Consumers directly to Sellers

In last 1 year, we spoke to many startups and MSMEs and understood their pain points and challenges. We were inspired by how founders and their teams work relentlessly to create products and services to make world a better place. It is after a lot of hard work, testing and trying that a brand is launched in the market. Then starts the process of its discovery.

Discovery is not just about posting a picture on social media, it is about establishing a connect with your potential customers. Consumers trust brands that have a story to tell on ‘how’ and ‘why’ of their products or services. They want to see brands as humans talking to them.

We understand this and in our mission to help them even further, we have created a Brand Discovery Platform. Our purpose is to create a community of vibrant startups and MSMEs where brands get discovered and consumers feel connect when it comes to their buying decisions.

It’s the time when one has just a few precious seconds to get the consumer’s attention and we help brands speak the language, people understand by creating videos, pictures and everything in between.

Creating brand narrative that helps a brand stand out and establish connect with relevant audience.

The big part is, we are facilitating direct connect of consumer to sellers

The big part is, we are connecting consumers directly to sellers through our platform. We are fostering P2P (People to People) connect whereby anyone can reach these brands for their product or service offerings.

We are a passionate team that finds joy in creating value for our stakeholders at every step.

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