About Us

Hi! We are a Brand Discovery Platform for small businesses, connecting buyers directly to sellers through chat.

In today’s digital age, it’s imperative that every small business gets discovered online to reach its target consumer segment.

On our platform, we are providing an online virtual shop to each seller where they can sell their products, and buyers can get in touch with them directly through integrated WhatsApp functionality.

Here buying and selling is as simple as a chat.

And how we’re doing it?

So, what we endeavour to do is not just humanize the whole buying and selling part, but also make the process extremely easy. 

We help these brands open their online shop on our platform. And handhold them on how to establish a connection with their potential customers. 

This virtual shop on Jiscovery is exploratory in its format including a series of videos, digital catalogs and more, enabling conversations between buyer and seller.

Window shopping and conversations start here

What we’re doing?

Our mission is to create a community of vibrant small business owners where they get discovered and consumers feel connect and trust with their brand when it comes to buying decisions.

Our Team

We are a passionate team that finds joy in creating value for our stakeholders at every step.

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