Asomkriti – Handloom Sarees and Traditional Ethnic Jewelries

Asomkriti, started by Indu Wary, gives the handloom weavers in Assam a global market and a better livelihood and benefits in terms of finance and mental support

Can any women imagine a wardrobe without ethnic wear?

I guess, not.

Be it weddings or parties, traditional couture adds a lot of ooh’s and aahs. Our six-yards of elegant beauty is draped in innumerable styles.

Sexy, demure, elegant, classy: you can wear them as per the occasion. Designs, motifs, fabric, change with region and state.

Northeast India is one such state which excels in the craft of weaving. Different types of looms are used and the products are entirely handmade. Sadly, their rich handloom sector lacks marketability. This very reason led Indu Wary to chuck her corporate job and plunge into bringing the rich weaves of the northeast to the world. Thus was born Asomkriti.

The kick-start

Indu was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug even before she started working. After a couple of years of working, she felt confident enough to start her venture. After some research, she came to realize that it is the delicate handloom sector which needed her attention. It was no easy road.

Crossing through hurdles she went live with her website on June 2017.

Aha! Factor

The brand focuses on giving a contemporary twist to the products without sacrificing the authenticity of the traditional products to appeal to the mainstream crowd. All products are 100% handwoven and handcrafted. The designs and motifs woven into them depict interesting stories reflecting the rich and diverse culture of the region inhabited by numerous ethnic groups. Various flora and fauna which mirrors the state’s rich natural resources too get special places into these weaves and jewelry.

Asomkriti closely works with weavers, giving them a bigger market and ensuring them with better livelihood and benefit in terms of finance and mental support. Today, they sell their fabrics pan India.

Moreover, they are also much in demand in the USA, UK, and Singapore.

The elegant and beautiful Mekhela chadar, their flagship product, is the most sought after by the customers closely followed by Assam silk sarees.


  • Cotton saree starts from Rs. 1,400
  • Silk saree starts from Rs. 8,000

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