How can we celebrate Eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi

It is that time of the year again when Vighnaharta comes home and the atmosphere is of joyous celebrations with beautiful pandals and sumptuous modak.

Shashwat Organics – Organic Products made using desi seeds at their farm in Pune

Polishes rice. Polished pulses. Artificially ripened fruits. Pesticides laden vegetables. This is the reality of the food we consumer every day. And who is getting harmed in the way?

The Tribe Concepts – Ayurvedic herbs for skin and hair sourced from tribal villages of India

Ayurvedic herbs for skin and hair by The Tribe Concepts aims to bring the goodness of Ayurveda to everyone and sources raw materials organically from tribal villages near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh.

This Soy Protein Powder is the perfect answer to dairy products

Get Hooked on this Soy Protein Powder : You have been hearing of the magical powers of soy for a couple of years now.  And many are ditching dairy altogether, and turning to soy products. Why?

Sattu Drinks – India’s Most Favorite Homemade Drink is Now Available Online by Sattuz

Sattu Drinks “India’s Most Favorite Homemade Drink is Now Available Online by Sattuz” :- The need to go back to the traditional food culture is slowly taking roots.

An Initiative by Journeys Inspire and StartupBuddy to Guide Startups on their Entrepreneurial Journey

Every entrepreneurial journey starts with an Idea. Once an idea is translated into action, thus begins the journey fraught with moments of euphoric to absolute terror.

Laundromint – This startup wants your dirty laundry

Laundromats have been around in India for a couple of years now. With increasing hectic schedules urban Indians are hard pressed on time,

EME – Water Delivery in your Hands with this App

Ordering drinkable water is a common phenomenon in many urban areas. While hundreds of such services are available, they fall short on quality and customer services.

SciencePlace – Bringing Robotic Revolution in schools

SciencePlace is a new-age  edtech startupwhich wants to do make education smart, innovative and inclusive. It believes that embracing innovation will help children develop a sense of questioning,

Energinee – Training Prisoners turn ashes into sculptures

Energinee Innovations was started by Akash Singh in 2018 after he came to known how the incense ashes were disposed into water bodies thus harming the fragile aquatic ecosystem.

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