Karma Negi

Aastha Bihar Craft – Hoard up on these funky handbags and sarees in Madhubani work

Tired of carrying the same old handbags and looking to stock up on new, funky kind of bags? Then try eco-friendly hand-painted bags in Madhubani silk and handloom cotton bags to small bags in thread work.

ISHTA Creation – Stay Safe with Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Disposable toilet seat covers by ISHTA Creation is a solution to address the increasing case of UTIs among women by providing them a safer way to use toilet seats anywhere

UNEAKO – Eco-friendly and plantable stationery for a Greener World

Ever heard of recycled paper pencils? If no, you better start using them and do your bit to save nature. Every year more than one lakh trees are cut to make pencils. Making it is one of the reasons for deforestation.

CRABO – Perfect Craft Subscription Box for Kids for more Fun

It’s time we you bring some fun into learning for your kids. Our kids are under so much pressure due to rote learning which doesn’t have any space for creativity.

Mriganayani Jutes – Go Eco-Friendly with Jute Handicrafts

Looking for gift items, which is light on your pocket, and makes an impact too, then we suggest you opt for eco-friendly products like those made of jute.

Krishna Bags and Boutique – Durable, Waterproof Parachute Fabric bags for everyday

All excited to go on that long-awaited trip, then one unsolicited advice: ‘do not overpack’ and ‘avoid those heavy luggage’ when you can pack the same in lightweight bags.

Trishcrafts – Creative handmade gifts for your Loved ones on Special Occasions

Gift your loved ones these unique handmade gifts from paper. Does every anniversary, birthday or any special occasion leave you scratching head with the big question:

RS Studio – Designer boutique and Apparel studio For your Special occasion

Scouting for the perfect wedding dress? We have you sorted out if you’re in Bhopal. If it’s the traditional looking bridal lehengas

Yarnmend – Handcrafted Trendy Juttis for any Occasion

Elegantly ethnic yet bohemian, contemporary juttis are the latest rage among the young and stylish. And they are oh, so comfortable! 

Decorating Lives – Adorn Your Table with Beautiful Porcelain Premium Crockery & Home Decor

Throwing a party or simply looking to stock up on beautiful crockery sets, and tableware. We recommend you to check out

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