The Tribe Concepts – Ayurvedic herbs for skin and hair sourced from tribal villages of India

Ayurvedic herbs for skin and hair  by The Tribe Concepts from Tribal Villages of India

Who doesn’t dream of a long, flowing, shiny, silky hair?

That’s everyone.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have this dream come true. Not even when those slick-looking ads promise to magically transform our dull hair into Rapunzel’s hair.

So many of us have fallen prey to products, which does nothing but adding more toxins into us, to get that perfect crowning glory.

On the brighter side, people are slowly realizing how these products can create havoc on their body and nature. And many are now turning towards and finally recognizing the importance of Ayurveda: India’s 5,000 years-old natural healthcare system, which is also one of the world’s oldest holistic healing system. And many are now enthusiastically adopting a herbal way of living.

The Tribe Concepts is one such venture which believes in the power of natural ingredients.

Ayurvedic herbs for skin and hair

The kick-start

A young MBA-grad Amritha was clear from the beginning that she didn’t want to remain forever in the 9-5 job.

Coming from a family of doctors, with her father being an Ayurvedic practitioner for the last 40 years, this vocation didn’t interest her either.

After working for a couple of years and experimenting with certain ideas which didn’t work out; she finally had an epiphany: Why not take the rich tradition of herbal products to everyone. In her own household, she saw how for every health-related issue there a natural remedy was always available.

Her first product was Extra Virgin Black Seasame oil infused with organic herbs and roots which was her father’s miracle recipe but improvised by her mother. And thus, with her sisters’ support started The Tribe Concepts.

Aha! Factor

The raw materials are sourced organically from tribal villages near Rajahmundry in Andhra Pradesh. Which are then dried and ground into a powder and sold in steel containers.

Apart from Extra Virgin Black Seasame oil, which is their flagship product, they also sell Extra Virgin Coconut oil. Other products in their kitty include hair, body and face cleanser.


  • Body and Hair Cleanser (250 gm): Rs. 499
  • Face cleanser (100 gm): Rs. 499

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