Caper in the box – Educational tools that makes learning fun for your kids

Every child is unique and capable in their own way. However, there are some who understand things differently. It’s just the way their brain in wired. Unlike other kids they need to be dealt a wee bit differently to blossom into capable individuals. There are various educational tools to help these kids gain their full potential and not get tied-up with the conventional system of learning.

Caper in the box is one such venture which works with special needs kid and makes learning fun for them through toys, games and activities.


Aha! Factor

If you’re looking for something similar you can check out Caper in the Box. They make learning fun your kid in an engaging way through interesting activities curated with the help of special educators and therapists.

The activity kit is designed as per the child’s developmental phase and are targeted at kids from age 2 to 7 years old.

Boxes are sent every month to you after assessing the child’s developmental stage and depending on the goals and milestones fixed for them.

The box includes an instruction card on how to do the activities that anyone can easily understand and assist them.

You can avail any one of their three packages: Basic Plus is one time, Plus Pack is a three-month subscription, and Premium pack is for six-months.

Caper in the box

What is the Price

  • Basic Plus: Rs. 2,500
  • Plus Pack: Rs. 6,750
  • Premium Pack: Rs. 12,750

Where to Buy

My Pop-up Shop on Jiscovery

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