CRABO – Perfect Craft Subscription Box for Kids for more Fun

Kids Craft Subscription Box: It’s time we you bring some fun into learning for your kids. Our kids are under so much pressure due to rote learning which doesn’t have any space for creativity. Learning can be fun too and if this is what you’re looking for your kid try CRABO, a craft subscription box service for kids which believes in the concept ‘prioritize the fun, learning will come’.

Aha! Factor

Today, education is all about getting good grades, and you are set for life. This is what many of us think. Unfortunately, the focus on rote learning has stymied creativity.
But CRABO wants to bring back the fun in learning and let the creative juices of your child flow.
Every kid loves a mystery, and this box is what it is, a mystery until you open it. Exciting, isn’t it!
Targeted at kids from age 4 to age 13, each box is loaded with fun craft activities depending on the age of the child. These boxes have been carefully curated by experts and crafting enthusiasts. So, each box is different from each other.
The crafts are designed such the kids can do it themselves under the supervision of the parents. What’s amazing, it’s the best way to spend quality time between kid and the parent, strengthening their bond further.
If this has got you interested, you can select one of their plans and the box will be delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.
This customised and personalised box are also a perfect great gifting option or as return gifts for birthday parties!
They also do bulk order.

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What is the Price

  • Monthly/quarterly subscription plan

Where to Buy

My Pop-up Shop on Jiscovery

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