EME – Water Delivery in your Hands with this App

Ordering drinkable water is a common phenomenon in many urban areas. While hundreds of such services are available, they fall short on quality and customer services. Calling and then waiting for it to be delivered, lack of communication and questionable water quality are some common complaints of customers.

However, there are enterprising people who with the help of technology have made water delivery available in just a click. EME is one such app developed to simplify the process of delivery of drinking water.

Odisha-based Piyush Balodia, and Rakesh Samal stumbled on the idea to develop an app while discussing the woes of customers when ordering drinkable water with a group of friends. Piyush, who has been associated with the water delivery industry for long, understood these pain points of the customers. This app promises to address all these issues: on-time delivery service, finest brand partners selection process and simple and easy to use interface. The water quality is also checked periodically. Customers get the option to order can or bottle, and also the date for returning the can is available.

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