Soylife – Vegans get your protein fix from deliciously flavored soymilk

Many of us have a love and hate relationship with ‘milk’. How many of you remember this phrase: ‘drink milk if you want to become, strong and intelligent’.

And we would grudgingly gulp it down.

No doubt, cow milk is rich in calcium important for growing bones and teeth. But if you find yourself running to the bathroom every time you drink one or suffering from bloating along with other symptoms, this means you may be lactose intolerant. Your body is unable to digest lactose the main carbohydrate in dairy products.

So, what are the alternatives?

100% natural and preservatives free flavored soymilk from Soylife

There is a variety of plant-based milk available in the market, one option is soymilk made from soybeans.

One such brand in the market is Soylife, which manufactures and sells soymilk pan India.

The kick-start

It was the year 2017 when founder Harshvardhan Sharma’s search for appropriate plant-based milk for his lactose intolerant sister went futile.

Those available were bad either bad in quality or smelled and tasted atrocious. This egged him on to experiment and create his soymilk in the kitchen which not only tasted delicious but was healthy too.

And thus, was born Soylife.

Aha! Factor

Naturally gluten-free and low in calories these soy products are perfect for those keeping a check on their waist size or are vegan or vegetarian.

Apart from being vegan, these lactose-free milk has lactose added to help digest the milk easily.

The soymilk products are 100% natural and free of preservatives and chemicals. Soymilk is a good source of protein, potassium, and nutria plus, and consuming Soya is said to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol.

The Soymilk is available in two flavors, plain and mango, and comes with a shelf life of three months.


Plain soymilk (1 litre): Rs. 100
Mango (1 litre): Rs. 110


Call: (+91) 99900 78888, 9990079991



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