lqi – Keep yourself hydrated with these healthy fruit beverages in frozen packs

Keeping yourself hydrated day long is a must. But drinking plain water can become a tad bit boring.
But why stick to water, when you can switch to a variety of beverages.

Sadly, most of these beverages that we get in the market are unhealthily packed with synthetic dyes, sugar and artificial flavors which negate the healthiness of the fruit.

Good news, you needn’t despair.

There is a spectacular range of healthy fruit drinks available in the market perfectly suited for health-conscious individuals.

Delhi-based LQI believes in the power of fresh beverages

LQI is one such brand which gives all the freshness of fruits in a frozen pack.

The Kick-start

A die-hard foodie, founder Shubham Khanna found it the hard way what havoc that delicious and mouth-watering food from roadside eateries can do to the digestive system.

The next thing he knew he was handed a long list of medicines, which he refused to take. The idea struck him to self-cure with just fresh beverages, and within a couple of days, he recovered.

This led him to think about the power of fresh fruits.

After working for a couple of years, he chucked his corporate job to take an entrepreneurial plunge.
Later he was joined by co-founders Palak Kapoor and Kapil Kumar.

LQI currently works on B2B2C and HORECA model and has tie-ups with around 100+ B2B brands like Pitapit, Innerchef, Donor & Gyros, IHOP, Burgrill, etc.

Aha! Factor

No artificial color, flavor or preservative, and zero trans-fat, LQI beverages are made from 100% fresh fruits.

Its range of smoothies, milkshakes, and fruit water in frozen packs, will keep you hydrated and energised anytime, anywhere. And their beverages are spectacularly easy to make – thaw for 2 minutes, add milk, water or yogurt, shake it and it’s ready to drink.

Their beverages come with a shelf life of 2.5 months. This is made possible with proprietary technology which does not allow oxidation or heat. LQI also works closely with farmers, cutting out the middleman, to source the fruits.

So next time you are feeling thirsty or hungry you know what to reach out for.


Smoothies: Rs 65 – Rs. 70
Milkshakes: Rs. 55
Fruit water: Rs 35 – Rs. 40

Where to get them

Website: http://lqi.life/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelqilife
Call: +91 8287519683
Email: hello@liquii.com



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