Indian Earthy Naturals – Handcrafted Organic Products for your Skin and Hair

Handcrafted Organic Products: Are you worried that the expensive products you have been using on your skin and hair are doing more damage than good? Before it’s too late and permanent damages are done, you can switch to more viable options like natural and organic beauty products.

Give your skin a boost of natural and organic beauty products 

Indian Earthy Naturals manufactures and sells all-natural handcrafted pure beeswax-soy wax blend tealights with pure essential oils, shampoos, bath soaps, body balm, and lip balms.

Indian Earthy Natural Handcrafted beauty products

The kick-start

During a visit to a Yoga training course at a well-known ashram that founder Suman was intrigued by the products kept there which in bold letters mentioned that it contained no paraben or sulfate. On further inquiry, she realized that the water after washing was recycled and hence the products used were free of any chemicals. An environmental scientist, Suman has been associated with the IT industry for 15 years, with in-depth knowledge of Indian plants.

With the knowledge that most of the beauty products are laden with chemicals which in turn harms the water bodies spurred her on to come up with her formulation with vegetable oils, essential oils, butter, and ayurvedic herbs.

Aha! Factor

All the products of Indian Earthy Naturals are handcrafted and only the purest and high-quality ingredients are used.

Their Beeswax-soy wax blend tealights with pure essential oils will help you keep your home free of bugs and mosquitoes. Apart from these, organic lip balm and ayurvedic herbal body balms are also sold. Its belief in eco-friendly packaging has led them to shun the use of single-use plastic bottles hence you will find their shampoos in bars. Besides, all the products are lovingly packaged in recycled paper.

What’s the Price

Rs. 250 – Rs. 1,050

Where to buy


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