Inrosa – Healthy Herbal Tea to refresh your mind and soul

Healthy Herbal Tea: Lately, hearing a lot about herbal teas and wondering what that they are? They are unlike the conventional tea made from tea leaves. Herbal teas are made from spices or herbs, dried flowers, and fruits. If you are not exactly a ‘Green tea’ person why not try out herbal teas which are available in a wide range of flavors. They are not only a good alternative to sugary beverages but also have several health benefits.

Health benefits of herbal tea include boosting your immune system, reducing pain and soreness, improving digestive system, and the best part it’s calorie-free.

INROSA – Unique blends of healthy herbal tea

INROSA brings a unique blend of herbal teas infused with Indian spices, herbs, and edible flowers.

Inrosa - Healthy Herbal Tea

The kick-start

INROSA is the labor of love of two years of researching, blending and market testing the finest quality ingredients by Chandbee and Shilpam.

While studying a MBA, the course on entrepreneurship captivated both and they started thinking on the lines of an entrepreneur.

With a common interest in the food sector, both put together their heads and decided to do something with Rose which has been used as a flavouring agent or adding scent to Indian food for ages. They started experimenting and combining rose with various Indian spices used in day to day cooking.  They came out with 20 combinations, and after testing them and knowing what was the customer’s cup of tea they zeroed on four flavors.

Aha! Factor

If you are bored of sipping the plain, boring water, time to switch to herbal tea which has innumerable health benefits.

INROSA tea is a fusion of Indian spices, herbs, and edible flower.  each combination is made up of 3 ingredients with rose being the major one  and the spices/herbs used are ginger, mint, cinnamon, tulsi, lavender, and hibiscus.

What’s the Price

  • Indian Rose Ginger Mint: Rs. 250
  • Indian Rose Cinnamon Tulasi: Rs. 250
  • Indian Rose Lavender Ginger: Rs. 250
  • Indian Rose Hibiscus Tulasi: Rs. 250

Where to buy


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