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Disposable toilet seat covers by ISHTA Creation is a solution to address the increasing case of UTIs among women by providing them a safer way to use toilet seats anywhere

Avoid drinking water. Avoid using the loo. How many of you, especially women, follow this rule? No surprise here. But this is the story of many women and girls.

When using dirty and unhygienic toilets the fear always lurks around of catching an infection. Even those sparkling looking toilets are not safe enough.

Yup, we are talking about urinary tract infection or UTI which mostly affects bladder and urethra, and in extreme cases kidney too. Even though treatable by medication this doesn’t discount the fact that they are a pain.

And did you know women are at a greater risk of developing UTI than men. This is what Delhi-based ISHTA Creation wants to address.

Ishta Creation Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

The Kick-start

Short for Initiative for Sanitation & Hygiene towards all, ISHTA is the brainchild of Neena Narain, a lawyer by profession. But her interest always lay in sanitation and hygiene part of healthcare. During a visit to the hospital for a regular check-up, Neena noticed many women who were getting treated for UTI. This made her think how common the problem was but unfortunately no solution for prevention. She scoured the internet for anything related to options for clean hygenic options. Unable to find anything satisfactory she decided to take matters in her hands.

And out of a bag, she made her prototype toilet seat cover which are waterproof, safe to sit and easy to use and prevents any contact with the toilet seat.

Aha! Factor

Made of non-tearable fabric, the disposable toilet seat covers have a waterproof coating and can fit any toilet seat. They are easy to carry and come in 4’x4′ small pack of 5 covers.

Its unique fold mechanism makes sure you don’t have any contact with the seat and doesn’t slip too. ISHTA also works closely with underprivileged women by involving them in the packaging of the product.

What is the Price

Rs. 99 for a pack of 5 covers

Where to find them

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