Khadi Rebellion – Khadi Clothes for India’s fashionable and young by Bihar based

Khadi Clothes for India: Khadi Rebellion Victor’s Choice wants to take forward the tradition of our elders who wore khadi to the young and fashionable

Khadi Clothes by Bihar Based Khadi Rebellion Victor’s Choice for India’s fashionable and young

This Patna-based startup wants to make Khadi a household name

Khadi Rebellion Victor’s Choice wants to make Khadi hip and happening for everyone 

Remember those movies where the politicians or social workers dressed always in Khadi kurtas. Usually ill-fitting, and drab looking. Not anymore.

Today, it has become the new cool among the hip and fashionable. Khadi in its renewed and appealing avatar with its innovative cuts, styles, and designs are becoming a rage among young and old. Khadi has an illustrious history, associated with India’s freedom struggles. Also called Khaddar, this handspun and handwoven natural fiber cloth is closely related to the rural economy. Providing livelihood to many talented artisans and weavers. And what’s more, it is good for the environment. Many startups have joined this Khadi initiative, and among them is Patna-based Khadi Rebellion Victor’s Choice.

The Kick-start

Flexibility and creative freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur are leading many to pursue their entrepreneurial journey. This very reason led Kaveri, a PG in fashion designing, from not joining the 9-5 rat race. Young, ambitious and passionate, her love for Khadi and handloom comes from her grandfather and father who dressed always in Khadi. For her, it was the best way to combine her passion for designing with khadi, and carrying forward the tradition of her elders.

Aha! Factor

Khadi is an all-season fabric. Cool in summers and warm in winters, and unlike synthetic fibers, they do not cause any allergies or irritations. They are not only durable but the loom which used in weaving khadi combines the thread is such a way that allows maximum air permeation. And of course, they are eco-friendly too as it doesn’t involve any electric machine just ‘charkha’ (spinning wheels), and loom. Kaveri also works closely with weavers in Bhagalpur and Madhubani in Bihar from where she sources the fabrics.

She sells a range of fabrics including sarees, jumpsuits, long kurtas, Kurti, and palazzos. But her speciality is Indo-western wear. If you have any design in your mind, she can customize it for you.


Starts from Rs. 1000

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