Laundromint – This startup wants your dirty laundry

Laundromats have been around in India for a couple of years now.

With increasing hectic schedules urban Indians are hard pressed on time, and the laundry service market in India is expected to grow to $76.5 billion, as per Euromonitor International

LaundroMint was launched in 2018 by entrepreneur Sameer Deodhar to cater to organized laundry needs of students and professionals across India. It provides hygienic, fast, and affordable laundry care of global standards. LaundroMint are modern, well-equipped laundries with state-of-the-art equipment.

LaundroMint services have been introduced in many educational campuses and hostel chains across Maharashtra serving the needs of more than 5000 students. Institutes and Hostels require zero investment to set up an in-campus Laundromat.

This start-up has five business verticals:

  • LaundroMint Community for residential societies
  • LaundroMint Campus for students
  • LaundroMint Café which is blend of self-service Laundromat and a cafe
  • LaundroMint +: a staff serviced franchisee
  • LaundroMint Express – a self-serviced franchisee

In the last one-year their franchise outlets have catered to 8000 unique customers in Pune.

They recently won award for Best Hostel Laundromats in South India.

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