Marine Hydrocolloids – Gelling agent agar-agar helps set your favorite dessert

Love to gorge on those mouth drooling ice creams to divine looking desserts or savory jellies? Who doesn’t? But do you ever wonder how come they don’t melt and retains its setting till a particular temperature?

Now let me reveal you a little nugget: this is all due to a gelling agent ‘agar-agar’.

Agar-agar? What’s that you must be wondering. Not many of us have heard of this gelling agent made from seaweed, and a vegetarian substitute for gelation which is non-vegetarian.

They are colorless and odorless and help in setting ice-creams and desserts.


The kick-start

Meron was started in 1982 by Kurian Jose Sr., by manufacturing food-grade Agar Agar, and in 1989 Culture grade Agar Agar was introduced. They are sold under the brand name Marine Hydrocolloids. Today, it is exported to several countries including South America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, USA, Far East, and Australia. And also supply to retail outlets in India and abroad.

Aha! Factor

If your religious belief or dietary habits prevent you from consuming the traditional gels, you needn’t worry, gelling agent agar-agar is purely plant-based made from red algae.

Now you can have your favorite ice cream, milkshakes or the mouth-watering marmalade without having to worry about it being vegan or not.

You can try Meron’s spreadable Agar Agar branded as ‘wonder gel’ an excellent replacement for the traditional animal-based gelling agent and other expensive hydrocolloids.

Agar-Agar food grade also called China Grass or Gulaman Bar is consumed during Ramzan to break the fast, due to its cooling effect on the body after the day-long fasting.

Agar is used as a thickening agent in low-calorie marmalade, jam, processed meat products, bakery fillings, icings, prepared soups, icecreams, etc. and as a gelation agent in doughnuts, low calorie marmalade, jam, jelly candy, fruit yoghurt, acidified creams, cheese, puddings, custard, flan, gelatin fruit desserts, processed meat products, bakery fillings, icings, whipped fruit pulp, etc.

They can also offer food-grade Agar processed from Geledium and Gracelaria seaweeds.

You can order Agar powder in 5 kg/10 kg/20 kg/25 kg cartons, and Strips in 10 kg Bales. They are also available in retail packing. The powder is available in 10 gm sachets, 250/500 gm and 1 kg container packing and strips in 25 gm and 100 gms BOPP packings.

You’ll also find various grades of Carrageenan suitable for all dairy applications such as set yogurt, drinkable yogurt, flavored milk, chocolate milk, and processed cheese.

Marine Hydrocolloids

Where to buy

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