Mriganayani Jutes – Go Eco-Friendly with Jute Handicrafts

Looking for gift items, which is light on your pocket, and makes an impact too, then we suggest you opt for eco-friendly products like those made of jute. Jute is also one of the ways to go green if you want to lessen the presence of plastic in your life. Like the idea? Then you need to check out awesome looking jute handcrafts from Patna-based Mriganayani Jutes.

Mriganayani JutesEco-friendly-jute-handicrafts

Aha! factor

Launched in 2009 by Dr. Mriganayani Kumari who turned her passion into a venture, Mriganayani Jutes does jute-based handicrafts.

You can shop from their collection of standing dolls, dolls on swings, flower vase, flower pots, birds’ nest, bags, and pen holders. These are perfect not only to adorn your home but also in gifting.

Take a look at their beautifully crafted Radha Krishan on a swing, in carefully and intricately designed and embellished dresses, all hand made.

Their traditionally attired dolls are super cute! Made either in standing or dancing position, or playing a harmonium, or dholak. You will fall in love with them. Also get your hands on their cool looking jute bags which are mostly slings and available in different sizes.

Check out the hanging birds’ nest which will add a rustic charm to your home. Their awesome looking pen holders range from simple-looking ones to ornate with flowers made entirely of jute.

If you want something customized as per your taste and requirement, they will do that too.

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What is the Price

  • Radhakrishna: Rs. 5,000(starting price)
  • Dolls on swings: Rs. 600
  • Standing dolls: Rs. 1200

Where to Buy

My Pop-up Shop on Jiscovery

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