Organic farming by Organic Wellness giving new hope to Bundelkhand farmers

Organic Wellness closely works with the marginalized farmers of Bundelkhand and have given them a source of livelihood through organic farming

An organic diet is fast becoming the new way of living. Lately, there has been an increase in demand for natural and eco-friendly products.

All thanks to the awareness regarding the chemicals that are used in growing foods and the harm it is causing us and the environment.

Today, the word organic is related to toxin-free and healthy products. Thus people are increasingly gravitating towards organic products.

And lately, there has been a deluge of organic brands in the market.

Organic Wellness is one such brand which provides organic products at affordable prices produced with the help of marginalized farmers.

The kick-start

The desire to get back to his roots was what prompted founder Krishan Guptaa to venture into organic farming.

Consequently, he started scouting for farms which were untouched by pesticides and had pure air and water.

His search landed him in Bundelkhand, where he roped-in farmers to grow organic produce.

In no time he set up his plant in a non-descript village named Babai. Which not only gave employment opportunities to the local youth but also helped stem the tide of migration to cities.

They also share their profit with farmers and employees.

Aha! Factor

Most of the raw materials are grown on more than 50k acres which belong to the local farmers.

These lands have never seen pesticides or any other toxin hence making them ideal for growing organic food. So, this can be a reason which makes their product taste awesome.

And of course, strict quality control in maintained too from cultivation to processing, packaging, and transportation.

Another amazing thing is the local people manage the plant wholly. And they do an amazing job.

In addition, the lack of middleman makes their products affordable. Besides, they also share 10% of the profit with the farmers.

With 140 products in its kitty, Organic Wellness sells them not only in India but also exports them to 28 countries.

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