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PROSATV Organic Vegan Plant Protein


PROSATV Organic Plant Protein packs 12g of Plant Protein per 30gm serving.

Promotes everyday fitness by providing all essential amino combining Organic Raagi, Organic Black Gram, Organic Green Gram 
Helps meet the daily protein requirement of the body.
Boosts immunity and aids in faster recovery.
Easy to digest plant-based Protein that is cholesterol-free and sugar-free.
Can be consumed by the entire family irrespective of age.
Gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, lactose-free.
*Results may vary as per the individual’s diet and workout



Weight: 250gm

Dimensions: 16x5x23

Material: Food Product


PROSATV Organic Vegan Plant Protein

How to use?

Have it like a warm drink or mix in smoothie: Mix in Hot water, add pink salt (optional) shake well and drink. You can add a scoop in normal water, run through blender can add any fruit or coffee and drink it.

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