SciencePlace – Bringing Robotic Revolution in schools

SciencePlace is a new-age edtech startup which wants to do make education smart, innovative and inclusive.

It believes that embracing innovation will help children develop a sense of questioning, curiosity, and inquisitiveness. Its workshop covers subjects like astronomy, smart electronics, renewable energy and robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Manish Gupta, an electronics engineer realized that while the times have changed the school curriculum hasn’t. Which drove him to launch a program Active Brains club in 2016.

Active Brains Club is a 25-sessions in-campus program for school students developed under SciencePlace which is affiliated with Vigyan Prasar.

The workshops are held by their an enthusiastic team of engineers, scientists, educationists, and innovators. Students attending these workshops are now taking part in competitions on robotics, artificial intelligence and are talking about innovations.

Principal and Teachers too have understood the importance of experiential and innovative learning and are encouraging such learning programs in their schools. More than 10,000 students all across India have been benefited by their programs and SciencePlace has been upgraded to a silver category by Vigyan Prasar.

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