Shop High by Palak – Urlis to idols gifting options are galore

In a dilemma what to gift your loved and dear ones this festive season. We suggest you check out Shop High by Palak an online store on Facebook where you will get a whole range of gifting options.


Aha! Factor

From cute looking Ladoo Gopal in Agate to Ganesh and Lakshmi ji which can be customized on a semi-precious agate base with electroplating will make the perfect gifting items for your near and dear ones.

Tea light with agate gemstone with gold electroplating is gorgeous and will brighten up your home, but their tea light with cum rangoli along with their handcrafted bejeweled one is stunning, to say the least, and will give that extra oomph to your center table.

They also stock up on urlis in lotus marble to metal. The lotus marble urlis come in three sizes 6”, 9”, and 12”. They also have trays with jars perfect for Diwali gifting.

For gifting, you can also choose the gold Croco leather box with division or the beautifully decorated glass tray in two sizes: 9×9 and 9×14.

Shop High by Palak

What is the Price

  • Rs. 500 is starting price

Where to buy

My Pop-up Shop on Jiscovery

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