Taystebuds – Homemade fresh Bakery Products will make you go yum

These homemade fresh bakery products will make you go yum. Looking for bakery products whipped up and served fresh for your sweet tooth? If you are in Delhi, then you may want to try bakery products from Taystebuds run by Prathiba, who will deliver homemade freshly baked goodies.

Bring out your forks and dig in some homemade bakery products

Delhi-based Taystebuds run by Prathiba specialises custom made cakes and bakery products like brownies, macaroons, cupcakes, tarts, French desserts etc.

The kick-start

Taystebuds was started by Prathiba, who found out she had lots of time at hand once she conceived. This made her dabble with baking just as a way to kill time and in no time, she was hooked.

When praises for her baked products started garnering praise from her friends and family, it made her realize she has a skill and what started as a hobby soon became her profession. 

Started in 2012, the concept of having customized cakes or bakery products was still not much heard of. But things have changed in the last couple of years. People are now demanding customized products and are ready to pay a premium.

Aha! Factor 

Your cakes will be baked and customized as per your requirements. If you have any allergies and don’t want specific products in your bakery products that too will be taken care of.

If you’re a vegetarian, no worries, she will bake an eggless cake which will make your tummy go yum. And if for whatever reason, you do not consume dairy products, Prathiba can whip up a delicious vegan cake too, which will taste as yummy as the usual ones. 

For the health-conscious, she bakes wheat-based cakes and cookies too. She is also particular about the ingredients that go into the bakery products and uses only pure chocolates and premium cocoa powder and cocoa butter. 

In case you have a theme for an event, Prathiba can get the theme incorporated into the cake design.

In case you want to try out specific flavours that are unique, or even if you want the cake to be a show-stopper for an event Prathiba will do all that in her cakes and goodies and ensure you and your guests have a memorable event.

She also bakes brownies, macaroons, cupcakes, tarts, French desserts etc.

What’s the Price

Fondant cake starts from Rs2000/kg

Where to buy


  • WhatsApp: 097170 48702
  • Call: 097170 48702
  • Location: Delhi
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