Trishcrafts – Creative handmade gifts for your Loved ones on Special Occasions

Creative handmade gifts: Gift your loved ones these unique handmade gifts from paper. Does every anniversary, birthday or any special occasion leave you scratching head with the big question: how to make your gift special and unique?

If yes, you are not alone.

Today, when everything is mass produced, it is a herculean task to search for a gift which is memorable and has a personal touch.

Lately, there a trend gaining momentum: handmade gifts. Customers are no longer rushing to stores but connecting with artistes who specialise in handmade gift items.

TrishCrafts – Wow your loved ones with handmade gifts 

Trishcrafts is one such Bihar-based venture which specialises in handmade gifts made with paper.



The kick-start

Founder Tripti got the idea to start handmade gifts after she received a wind chime made of wool from her friend. This got her thinking of doing something on similar lines which was a new concept in Patna.

The first product she made, no guesses here, was a wind chime which sold out in no time. Encouraged by the response she went ahead and came out with more handmade products. From personalised mugs to cushion covers, pendant, photo frames, etc. she will try to give it a personal touch.

Depending on customers’ requirements, Tripti customises the gift accordingly.

Aha! Factor

If you want to make any occasion special and leave a long-lasting impression then what you are looking for is a gift that is unique, special and memorable. These handmade gifts will leave the same impression on whoever received them. And also show that you went the extra mile to find something that is different and that what they mean for you.

Most of these gifts are made from recycled paper which is not only good as a gifting item but also good for the environment.


Rs. 300 – Rs. 2,000

Where to get them

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