UNEAKO – Eco-friendly and plantable stationery for a Greener World

Ever heard of recycled paper pencils?

If no, you better start using them and do your bit to save nature. Every year more than one lakh trees are cut to make pencils. Making it is one of the reasons for deforestation.

But, is it necessary?


You can easily make one with recycled paper and graphite and boom your pencil is ready.

Another interesting fact: A 3-5 feet stack of old newspapers can save a 20 feet tree. That’s some saving! It is these small changes that can have a massive impact on the planet. Uneako is one such enterprise which believes in sustainability for a better future.


The Kick-start

It was the belief in sustainability and the care for our planet that led these two young brothers to start Uneako. They offer a slew of eco-friendly products ranging from seed pencils and pens and notepads made from seed paper.

The name is a blend of two words ‘unique’ and ‘eco’. They are on a mission to leave a better, safer and a cleaner planet for the future generations.

And create innovative and simple products which can help in making the environment sustainable with each purchase.

Aha! Factor

The stationery is made from 100% biodegradable and waste materials. Their newspaper pencils are made from discarded newspapers, tightly rolled around graphite.

Once they have reached the end of their life you can plant them and see them bloom into beautiful flowers and herbs.

The same is with the notepads made from seed paper. This means nothing ends up in the landfills. It is also a unique way to teach kids the importance of taking care of and respecting nature.

Other unique thing about these products are that they are made by prisoners, and other marginalised section of the society.

What’s more

Soon they plan to turn I-cards eco-friendly which will be made with recycled paper and agricultural waste.

They will also bring alive the old age tradition of clay bottles, with a twist, for storing water.

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What’s the Price

  • Newspaper pencil costs Rs. 5
  • Plantable pencil cost Rs. 10

Where to find them

My Pop-up Shop on Jiscovery

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