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Keep yourself hydrated with these healthy fruit beverages in frozen packs

Delhi-based LQI believes in the power of fresh beverages and deals in a range of smoothies, milkshakes and fruit water in frozen packs made from 100% fresh fruits.

Get natural herbs for organic products from Herbs and Crops

Ahmedabad-based Herbs and Crops is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of natural and organic certified herbs.

Vegans get your protein fix from deliciously flavored soymilk from Soylife

Delhi-based Soylife manufactures and sells flavored soymilk an important source of protein, especially for vegans and vegetarians

Drool over these 100% homemade eggless cakes at The Cake Gallery 

The Cake Gallery specialises in a range of cakesicles, fondant cakes, luxury cakes, assorted cookies, brownies, cupcakes and many more.

Keep heart diseases at bay with vegan Omega 3 edible oil from Omega Alive

Omega Alive oil comes in three types: Blended Flax oil is good for cooking purpose, Pure Flax oil has dietary fibers and Massage oil.

Delhi-based Flexmotiv has designed self-standing slip-proof crutches

Flexmotiv, biomechanical product design, and manufacturing company has launched basic axillary crutches under the brand name Flexmo


Covering startups from different states of India

Laundromint – This startup wants your dirty laundry

Laundromats have been around in India for a couple of years now. With increasing hectic schedules urban Indians are hard pressed on time,

EME – Water Delivery in your Hands with this App

Ordering drinkable water is a common phenomenon in many urban areas. While hundreds of such services are available, they fall short on quality and customer services.

SciencePlace – Bringing Robotic Revolution in schools

SciencePlace is a new-age  edtech startupwhich wants to do make education smart, innovative and inclusive. It believes that embracing innovation will help children develop a sense of questioning,

Energinee – Training Prisoners turn ashes into sculptures

Energinee Innovations was started by Akash Singh in 2018 after he came to known how the incense ashes were disposed into water bodies thus harming the fragile aquatic ecosystem.


Inspiring stories of entrepreneurs from across India who are making a mark with their out of box thinking.

Two Brothers Organic Farms – How these 2 Brothers made 3 Crores in Turnover through Organic Farming

They turned organic farming profitable and are now inspiring and empowering other farmers with their best practices

How TruckSuvidha is Connecting Indian Transport Industry online

Through their portal and app Trucksuvidha, they are helping to minimize the losses for India’s transport industry

Farms2Families – How to get Your Own Organic Farm without buying it?

His start up is aimed at not just growing and selling organic vegetables and fruits

Recycling Bazar – 3 Bihar boys creating Innovative solutions #SwachhBharat

Through their start up they are bringing a new way for waste collection and management

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